9 Beautiful & Portable Plant Gifts You Can Order Online

In this world of modernization, there are many gift options available on the internet from where you can choose from. With so many options available in the market, it can become confusing to choose one, so we suggest you choose indoor plants as a gift option.

While choosing a plant for a gift option, you must have some basic knowledge about the plants because different plants require a different type of environment to survive. So, you need to choose a plant gift according to the weather condition the recipient is living in. And here, we have listed various plants that you can gift to your loved ones that are portable yet easy to maintain.

1] Jade Plant

Jade is a very popular plant that is known for its fleshy leaves and woody stems. Jade plants appear like miniature tree which is used as a decorative item in households and the workplace. The Jade plant is a type of succulent plant that requires less maintenance and can survive without water for many days.

2] English Lavender Plant

For a person who likes to decorate their balcony, an English lavender plant can be a great option for a gift. The person can hang this beautiful lavender plant on their balcony, which will enhance the beauty of their house. Keeping it on the balcony will provide a pleasant fragrance inside the house, too, that will always keep their mood on.

3] Bonsai Plant

A Bonsai tree can be the best gift you can give to a person who likes gardening very much. Bonsai plants need more care than other plants, as it requires regular watering and pruning. The person who likes gardening as a hobby would become very happy while receiving this plant. This plant will not only give an aesthetic view of the person’s house but also provide good company to the person.

4] Aloe Vera

Aloe vera does not need much maintenance as they don’t require much water and sunlight to survive. For this reason, aloe vera can be a very good present for a person who is always busy with their work. Besides low maintenance, there are several uses of aloe vera such as used to treat skin burns relieving constipation, and many other health benefits.

5] Boston Fern

Small children and pets are full of curiosity; they always try to know about the new things that come into the house. So you have to be very careful while buying a gift for any person so that their family members remain safe. Boston fern can be a very good option that you can give, as it would not possess any danger to the children and pets present in the house.

6] Peace Lily

We all are familiar with the fact that plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Along with carbon dioxide plants also absorbs various harmful substances present in the air. So this time, gift your loved one a lily plant that would help them to breathe fresh and clean air. A peace lily can be a great purifying agent and also a decorative item you can give to your loved ones.

7] Money Plant

If you are thinking of a nice housewarming gift for your neighbor, what can be better than a money plant? Money plants will bring good charm and fortune to your neighbors’ new residences and provide a special touch to their interior. You can order for online plants delivery from a reputable gifts site or online nursery and for that just have to order it and wait for getting it delivered to you or the recipient to whom you want to gift this prosperous plant.

8] White Jasmine

If you are looking for an aromatic plant, you can choose jasmine as a plant gift option. And among the varieties of jasmine, white jasmine is known as the most fragrant flower. White jasmine will not only provide a sweet-scented smell but will also help to refresh the mood present in the room. The scent of white jasmine also helps in decreasing the anxiety levels of a person and helps to get better sleep.

9] Spider Plant

Plants need regular sunlight and water to survive; if these sources are not provided, the plant can die. It becomes a great headache when we think about plant gift ideas for a careless person. We know that a careless person would not take care of the plant properly. For such people, spider plant can be a perfect option as they do not need much attention and flourishes without much care.

Wrap Up

Choosing a plant as a gift item can become a time-consuming task if you don’t have any idea about plants. But in this passage, we have discussed the different kinds of plants and various conditions the plant will need to grow so that now you can present them to your close ones. We now hope it won’t take much time for you to decide on the plant gift you can give and get an appreciation for your efforts.

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